Sunday February 1, 2015

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The PCS Training is going to be held in Itahari, Inaruwa & Gauradaha. The venue will be announced shortly. PCS welcomes all the communities to be part of the program.

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Praudh Computer Sikshya Program

Praudh computer sikshya is an initiative of Pracas Infosys towards helping the elderly to get closer to the internet where people above 30 of any religion, ethnic group, region can come and get benefited from. It is a 5 day program, free of any charges, where people get knowledge on email, internet, facebook, skype, chat and lots more.

Praudh computer sikshya is completely free programme. No any hidden or straight charges are levied on those who join this programme and regarding this we want to clear that we have not been provided any aid, either monetary or materialistic. This is fully an area of social responsibility of Pracas Infosys. We want all the Nepalese to be closer to the internet and acquire the utmost positive changes in their lives. Internet might have reached at the corners of our country in any form, but the matter of fact is only a countable number of people are on the access of the internet and maximum are far away from it because they do know how to use it. Realizing this bitter truth we have come forward to help the people on how to use internet and get benefited from it.

The dynamically growing development in the sector of information technology has ashamed people who do not know or know little about internet. Regarding this we have taken this initiative of helping you to get specialized knowledge on how to use internet, how to email, upload and download files, internet connections, facebook, skype, yahoo messenger, msn live messenger, google talk, etc. We want to break the complex in the mindsets that only the fresh youths can have access towards internet. This programme is been held at first at Biratnagar, and then it will move to the northern part of Morang, Letang. Gradually, it will shift towards all other parts of Morang and Koshi and then it is targeted to spread nationwide.


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